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Service concept:
Service quality and customer contacts, including not limited to, the whole process. Shanghai interest in the design of human-oriented design concept, in sales, the sales as "to provide users with value-added services", established in production, "the next process is the user" concept of quality in the provision of after-sales aspects of the passive into active reminder. 2 years ago for the user, Shanghai Lee to keep the links several times a year. In short, the product quality of service is to other mass transfer to the user's emotional connection. The same material, the same technological level of products, providing customers with suggestions and methods of interior decoration, Shanghai benefit customers feel the biggest difference is that in real service delivery to customers.

1、Continuously improve staff awareness of service, a high degree of corporate social responsibility stand meticulous, clear the company's business policy and objectives, and to spare no effort to achieve the objectives and organizational goals。
2、Determined whether the tactics to implement the quality system, establish a quality management system as the core of the various and vigorously promote advanced scientific quality management, in accordance with the ISO9001 series standards, establish and improve the quality management system, always implementing the quality management principles to meet consumer demand, rising consumer satisfaction as the eternal pursuit of quality。
3、Stand all for the user's point of view, enhance service awareness, improve the service system, improve service quality, always remember that users will always be our God, adhere to the perfect shape the quality of the brand among consumers。
4、Actively involved in the quality of popular business activities, and consciously accept the dealers, consumers, society, government and media monitoring。
5、Strict self-discipline, promote implementation of the "Product Quality Law", "Consumer Protection Law" and continuing to strengthen the legal awareness of the quality of workers, improve self-protection, the promotion of competition in the market norms

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